Must-see attractions in Bahía de Kino

  • Isla Tiburón, Kino Bay, Mexico.

    Isla del Tiburón

    Bahía de Kino

    This mountainous island, Mexico's largest, lies 3km off the coast from Punta Chueca. It was once a Seri homeland, but was depopulated when the island was…

  • Museo de los Seris

    Bahía de Kino

    This small but well-curated museum displays an interesting collection of artifacts, handicrafts and panels about Seri culture and history, including…

  • Punta Chueca

    Bahía de Kino

    This village is home to the Seri people, one of Mexico's smallest indigenous groups (fewer than 1000 people). The Seri are known for their handicrafts,…

  • La Casa del Mar

    Bahía de Kino

    This visitor center services the 900-island Área de Protección de Flora y Fauna Islas del Golfo de California, a biodiverse protected area of islands in…