Must see attractions in Mexico

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    Plaza de Toros

    It doesn't get much more cowboy than this: on the outskirts of Real de Catorce you can wander in the remains of a former bullring. You'll have to use your…

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    Torre Reforma

    This 246m (807ft), 57-story, wedge-shaped tower became Mexico City's tallest building when it opened in 2016, displacing the Torre BBVA Bancomer (235m…

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    Tribuna Monumental de las Águilas

    This 'Fallen Eagle Monument,' known also as 'el Tribuna Monumental,' is an obelisk dedicated to fallen Mexican soldiers who joined the Allies in the…

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    Templo de San Marcos

    The handsome 18th-century Templo de San Marcos is across from the Jardín de San Marcos and overlooks the end of the city's main pedestrian street.

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    Galería Vega m57

    Real's only dedicated art gallery hosts exhibitions and installations of contemporary work in a variety of media in a restored colonial building.

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    Casino de la Feria

    This is Mexico's only legal casino (built in 1962); during the annual feria, it's also the the city's cockfighting arena.

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    Tehuantepec’s dim indoor market is open daily on the west side of the plaza, and spills out into surrounding streets.

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    Iglesia de La Compañía

    Finely carved facades adorn the colonial Iglesia de La Compañía on the opposite side of the Zócalo to the cathedral.

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    Bodega Quetzalli

    The second exhibition space of leading commercial gallery Galería Quetzalli.

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    Palacio Municipal

    This handsome 17th-century building, occupied by local government offices, faces onto the zócalo.

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    Glorieta de la Cabeza Maya

    A roundabout and a landmark featuring a large statue of a Maya chieftain’s head, at the west end of town.