Must-see attractions in Latvia

  • Latgales iela


    The town’s oldest street is lined with dozens of charming brick facades constructed by wealthy Yiddish merchants several hundred years ago.

  • Jacob's Barracks

    Old Rīga

    The entire north side of Torņa iela is flanked by the custard-coloured 18th-century Jacob’s Barracks, inhabited by cafes and boutiques.

  • Statue of St Roland

    Old Rīga

    A statue of St Roland, the city’s patron, takes pride of place on the square in front of the town hall.

  • Vaivari Sanatorium


    On the main road 5km west of Majori, this gaudy beachfront Soviet-era sanatorium resembles a giant, beached cruise ship that’s been mothballed since the…

  • Cēsis History & Art Museum


    Right from the outset when you're handed a lit candle in a glass lantern, it's clear that this isn't an ordinary museum. At its centre is Cēsis Castle,…

  • Old Castle Hill


    The large old castle hill (pilskalns), 2.5km north of town on the western bank of the Venta, was the fortress of Lamekins, the Cour who ruled much of…

  • Vīnakalns

    Abava River Valley

    Vīnakalns (Wine Hill), located on a tiny mound just 200m from the tourist office, started operating during the 13th century and was resurrected in the…

  • Pokaiņi Forest

    Pokaiņi Forest

    It's one of Latvia’s biggest unsolved mysteries: in the mid-‘90s a local historian discovered stone cairns throughout the park and realised that the rocks…

  • North Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve


    A pristine, 4500-sq-km domain that is roughly 6% of Latvia’s total land share and inscribed in Unesco’s ‘Man and the Biosphere’ program. The vast reserve…

  • Tērvete Nature Park

    Southern Latvia

    Tērvete Nature Park protects three ancient mounds, including the impressive Tērvete Castle Mound, which was abandoned by the Semigallians after several…

  • Ķemeri National Park


    Beyond Jūrmala's stretch of celebrity summer homes lies a verdant hinterland of drowsy fishing villages, quaking bogs and thick forests. At the end of the…

  • Jaunmoku Castle


    Built as hunting palace by Latvia's most celebrated Englishman, Rīga mayor George Armitstead, Jaunmoku Castle looks like a fantasy themed on his father's…

  • Nicholas Evangelical Lutheran Church


    Built in 1835 on stately Rātslaukums, this church isn’t ‘St Nicholas’ because the house of worship was named for Tsar Nicholas II when he donated loads of…

  • Andrejs Pumpurs Museum

    Southern Latvia

    The museum is dedicated to the man who wrote down (or composed) the story of Lāčplēsis - half-man, half-bear and Latvia's main national hero.

  • Monument to Krišjānis Valdemārs


    The monument is dedicated to the Latvian writer and educator who empowered thousands of Latvian peasants by setting up the first naval school.

  • Cinevilla


    This theme park grew out of a set built for Aigars Grauba's film Rīgas sargi and continues to be used by film makers.

  • Slītere Lighthouse


    Built in 1849, Slītere Lighthouse now functions as an information booth and lookout tower for the park.

  • Seven Mental Meteorites


    This sculpture ensemble by Ojārs Feldbergs looks like a stone garden designed by aliens.

  • National Theatre

    Central Rīga

    On 18 November 1918 Latvia declared its independence at the baroque National Theatre.

  • Sculpture Garden


    The lovely gardens feature a monument to Suiti grannies, among others.

  • Kim?

    Central Rīga

    An experimental art zone that dabbles with contemporary media.

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