Best restaurants in Israel

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Northwestern Shore


    Subject of a glowing New York Times review in 2016, this 'chef's restaurant' features innovative 'Galilean Arab' cuisine that combines ingredients and recipes that chef Zuzu Hanna learned from his mother – in the Upper Galilee village of Rameh – with modern gourmet techniques such as sous vide.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Rosh Pina

    Shiri Bistro & Wine Bar

    Fresh-cut flowers, flickering candles and spectacular views greet you at this Mediterranean-inflected French bistro, named after the chef, whose great-great-great-grandparents built the place in the late 1870s. It has one of the best wine lists in Israel, with about 250 Galilee and Golan wines – including rare boutique vintages – available by the glass.

  • Restaurants in South City Centre


    Popular with locals of every age and style, this exuberant corner restaurant in the Levinsk Spice Market precinct is busy every night, but is absolutely hopping on Friday after the market closes. It doesn't accept bookings, so you may need to queue. Greek mezze showcase vegetables and seafood and are both tasty and well priced. Vegan friendly.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Akko

    Uri Buri

    Dining at Uri Buri is enough of a reason to place Akko on your travel itinerary. Lovers of seafood will quickly understand why chef Uri is so legendary. Start with wafer-thin salmon sashimi freshened by wasabi sorbet, followed by huge prawns and artichoke swirled into buttery, black-rice noodles, or sea bass simmered in coconut milk and apple.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in South City Centre


    Indian, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese and Cambodian flavours shine through the elements at this upscale 'AsiaTerranean' fusion restaurant, and a dinner here is one of Tel Aviv's finest. Start with selections from the 'water' or 'wood' sections of the menu – the Shanghai veal cheek soup dumplings are especially good – and finish with octopus korma from 'earth' or fried sea bass from 'metal'.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in City Centre


    The vibe here is bustling, the prices are (very) reasonable and the staff is friendly and full of energy. And let's not forget the most important thing: the food is exceptionally delicious. Huge pitas stuffed with your choice of veggies, chicken, offal or meat await, as do fish and chips or roasted spiced yam and cauliflower (yum!).

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Nazareth

    Abu Ashraf

    This old-time coffeehouse is famous all over town for its katayef (sweet pancakes folded over goat’s cheese or cinnamon walnuts and then doused with geranium syrup), coffee (a special mix of five kinds of bean plus cardamom) and collection of antiques. Ebullient owner Abu Ashraf loves to share stories about Nazareth.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Kibbutz Lohamei HaGeta’ot

    Alto Dairy

    Creamy Tomme cheese, tangy blues and yoghurt thick enough to snap a plastic spoon are just a few of the delights of this all-goat-milk dairy, 1.5km south of Lohamei HaGeta’ot in little Shomrat. It's run by local farmer Ariel Mazan, who is passionate about high-quality, nutrient-packed goat milk – and it shows in the rich local cheeses and desserts on sale.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Galilee Panhandle

    Dag Al HaDan

    One of Israel’s finest fish restaurants. Except when it's raining, diners sit outside under gorgeous fig trees with the cold, clear waters of the Dan burbling by – pure magic. Renowned for grilled trout and smoked trout, raised in ponds just 50m away (which you can visit), that are served with superb oven-roasted potatoes. Vegetarians can choose from goat-cheese-stuffed mushrooms, quiche and gnocchi.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Jaffa

    Old Man & the Sea

    As classic as the Hemingway novel of the same name, this Old Man is still at the top of its game. Spacious enough for dozens of waiters to serve hundreds of people, its terrace overlooks the sea in southern Jaffa. Huge portions of fish or seafood come with 20 or so small mezze, such as falafel balls and hummus.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Haifa

    Ein El Wadi

    Dishes at this exemplary family restaurant are as authentic as its ancient stone arches. After a warm welcome, settle in for Lebanese and Palestinian specialities such as fatayer (spinach-stuffed pastry), musakhan (sumac chicken on bread) or, our favourite, makloubeh (layers of fragrant rice, stewed chicken and cauliflower).

  • Restaurants in Jish

    Misedet HaArazim

    Authentic Lebanese offerings include eight kinds of hummus, stuffed grape leaves, grilled meats, shishbarak (meat dumplings in yoghurt sauce) and sheikh al mahshi (courgette stuffed with ground beef and lamb and cooked in yoghurt sauce). Situated at the entrance to Jish; the sign features a green cedar of Lebanon.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Haifa

    Ma’ayan HaBira

    Founded as a butcher’s shop, a carnivorous theme endures in Ma’ayan HaBira’s menu of Eastern European soul food. Lined with old photos and Bavarian beer tankards, the decor is as nostalgic as the recipes. Kostiza (pork slices glistening with fat) are served with vampire-extinguishing amounts of fresh garlic. Equally hearty are bowlfuls of smoky beans, jellied calf’s foot and goulash.

  • Restaurants in Katzrin

    Golan Brewhouse

    Endowed with a circular wooden bar and panoramic windows, this popular pub-restaurant serves Golan-raised steaks, hamburgers, chicken, fish, salads, veggie mains, soups (winter only) and some damn fine Bazelet microbrews.

  • Restaurants in Haifa


    Part Lebanese restaurant, part French-inspired coffee den with a hippie ethos, this eatery in the German Colony is original and genuinely friendly. Specialities range from sfeeha (pastries topped with minced beef, onions and pine nuts) to prawns in Mexican tomato sauce, and rolettini (cheese rolled in fried eggplant slices). Wash it down with ice-cold tamarind cordial, sipped to Douzan's guitar-driven soundtrack.

  • Restaurants in South City Centre


    Vitrina is the Hebrew term for a glass-fronted display case, the kind of mouthwatering window that taunts delicatessen-goers with views of edible treats. The name is perfect for this gourmet burger joint encased by glass walls at a strategic corner location in south Tel Aviv’s nightlife district, making it popular with late-night revellers in search of flavourful eats.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Zichron Ya’akov

    Nili Restaurant

    This well-run kosher restaurant offers almost every imaginable preparation of fish: homemade sushi, tangy ceviche, baked mullet and bream, or hunks of salmon swirled into tagliatelle. Everything is beautifully prepared and plated and the warm service and menu of local wines invite lingering.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Nazareth


    In a 200-year-old Ottoman-era mansion, this atmospheric restaurant – the songs of the legendary Egyptian singer Umm Kulthum are on high rotation – serves traditional Nazarene recipes with a Mediterranean twist. Specialities include seasonal dishes made with okra (bamya) and wild thistle (akub), and fresh artichoke hearts filled with chopped beef, almonds and pine nuts.

  • Restaurants in Beit She’an

    Shipudei HaKikar

    Widely acclaimed as Beit She'an's best place to eat. Excellent shish kebab is served with freshly baked laffa (flat pita) and is preceded by 18 super-fresh salads, including eggplant, hummus and tahina. If you're not ordering a main, the salads cost 36NIS – a superb veggie meal! Grilled meat in laffa or a baguette, without salads, costs 38NIS to 60NIS.

  • Restaurants in Eastern Shore


    This homey meat restaurant – the name is a contraction of 'moshav' and 'kibbutz' – is renowned for its fabulous Golan-raised steaks, juicy burgers and creative salads as well as starters such as grilled aubergine in tangy goat’s-milk yoghurt and French onion soup. The food is complemented by boutique Golan wines and microbrews, charming service and great views down to the Sea of Galilee.