Best hotels and hostels in Ein Gedi

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    Ein Gedi Kibbutz Hotel

    This delightful low-rise campus, lushly planted with exotic trees and plants (including two immense baobab trees), offers a luxurious on-site spa and a deliciously cooling pool. There are four categories of comfortable though simply furnished rooms (166 in all), and a new two-storey building with deluxe rooms sits on the edge of the valley with beautiful views.

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    Ein Gedi Youth Hostel

    The sensational setting and simple but contemporary rooms, with three to five beds, make this 87-room hostel madly popular. Dinner is often available for 62NIS (71NIS on Friday). Offers discounts of 15% to 20% on various area attractions. Situated 200m up the slope from the Rte 90 turn-off to Ein Gedi Nature Reserve. Reserve well ahead.

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    SPNI Ein Gedi Field School

    The 46 rooms, each with five or six beds, are not as swish as at the youth hostel, but this is an excellent launching point for hikes. Dinner (57NIS, on Friday 71NIS) is available most nights. Reception sells SPNI hiking maps. There's wi-fi at reception. Situated 800m up the hill from the Rte 90 turn-off to Ein Gedi Nature Reserve.

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    Khan Ein Gedi

    Situated just outside the gate to Kibbutz Ein Gedi, this mellow, hillside operation has eight basic huts, each with five mattresses on the floor. Bathroom and kitchen facilities are shared. There's wi-fi in the chill-out area, whose wooden bar, open 24/7, sells pizzas.