Parque Nacional das Ilhas de Orango

National Park in Ilha de Orango

Though it consists of several other islands (Ilha de Imbone, Ilha de Orangozinho, Ilha de Canogo and Ilha de Meneque), the heart of Parque Nacional das Ilhas de Orango is its namesake, Ilha de Orango. Travellers know the latter as the site of Anôr Lagoon, where you can spot rare and sacred saltwater hippos, which live in both the sea and freshwater. Besides wildlife and birds, there are breathtaking beaches.

Local guides (around CFA10,000) lead you on a sandy path, more reminiscent of the prototypical African savannah than other islands. Be sure to wear shoes that you won't mind muddying or sandals with straps, as well as pants you can roll up or shorts. It's a pretty walk, though shade is scarce.