Must-see attractions in Georgia

  • War Museum


    The War Museum is mostly devoted to Gori people’s involvement in WWII, but also contains a small display on the 2008 war. In the lobby are a few pieces of…

  • Evropas Moedani


    Broad Europe Sq is surrounded by beautiful belle-époque buildings – renovated survivors from Batumi's original heyday, plus new buildings in a similar…

  • Cable Car


    A charmingly ancient cable car beside the Borjomi Central Park entrance carries you up to a hilltop Ferris wheel and the pine woods of the Borjomi Plateau…

  • Dancing Fountains


    On the southern part of the boulevard, known as the New Boulevard, an ornamental lake hosts the Dancing Fountains, an entertaining laser, music and water…

  • Adjara Arts Museum


    Well displayed and well lit in an attractive neoclassical Soviet building, the small permanent collection upstairs covers Georgian art from the late 19th…

  • Samtavro Church

    Southern Georgia

    This large church, now part of a nunnery, was built in the 1130s. King Mirian and Queen Nana are buried in its southwest corner, under a stone canopy. The…

  • Jvaris Mama Church


    Little Jvaris Mama stands on a site where a church has stood since the 5th century. The current incarnation dates from the 16th century and its interior…

  • Freedom Square


    This busy traffic nexus was Lenin Sq in Soviet times. Georgia’s last Lenin statue, toppled in 1990, stood where the golden St George (a gift to the city…

  • Colchis Fountain


    The central square, Tsentraluri moedani, focuses on the large ornamental Colchis Fountain, adorned with large-scale copies of the famous gold jewellery…

  • Novy Afon Caves


    This enormously popular and deep series of karst caves is traversed on a small train line that takes visitors on a 1.4km, 1¼-hour underground journey…

  • Queen Tamar's Castle


    These atmospheric ruins on top of a hill in Chazhashi were once made up of four defensive towers and a church, though just one tower and the ruins of the…

  • Alphabet Tower


    This 145m-high monument to Georgian script and culture stands near the northeast tip of Batumis bulvari and can be climbed for stellar views.

  • Simon the Zealot's Cave


    From Psyrtskha train station you can walk 20 minutes up a pretty river valley to Simon the Zealot’s Cave, where the saint reputedly lived.

  • Church of Simon the Zealot


    The 10th-century stone Church of Simon the Zealot stands on the spot where the eponymous apostle was reputedly killed by Roman soldiers.

  • Botanical Gardens


    With 50,000 sq metres of plants from around the world, the well-maintained botanical gardens, founded in 1840, are well worth a wander.

  • Opera House


    Kutaisi's opera house has been renovated with lines of classical statues, inspired by its famous Vienna counterpart, adorning it.

  • Bazari


    Telavi’s busy market bursts with fresh produce from the area’s villages and is a chaotic visual feast to wander through.

  • Alleya Slavy


    This park on the north side of ulitsa Lakoba is the burial site of many Abkhaz who died in the 1992–93 fighting.

  • Shahtakhti Fortress


    The ruined Shahtakht Fortress on the Sololaki Ridge once housed an Arab observatory.

  • Ferris Wheel


    This large Ferris wheel stands near the northeast tip of Batumis bulvari.

  • Residence of the Catholicos-Patriarch


    Opposite the small and leafy park Erekle II moedani, high walls hide the residence of the Catholicos-Patriarch, head of the Georgian Orthodox Church.

  • Norasheni Church


    The large Armenian Norasheni Church, dating from 1793, has been long disused but tentative (and still incomplete) renovations began in 2015.

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