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Top ChoiceFrench in St-Émilion

La Terrasse Rouge

Knowing foodies adore this spectacular vineyard restaurant, born out of Jean Nouvel's designer revamp of Château La Dominique's wine cellars, 5km north of St-Émilion. Chefs work with small local producers to...

Top ChoiceFrench in St-Émilion

L’Envers du Decors

A few doors down from the tourist office, this wine bar with fire-engine-red façade is one of the finest places to eat – and inevitably drink – in this tasteful wine town. The kitchen cooks up fabulous local...

Gastronomy in St-Émilion

La Table de Plaisance

Wine pairings are naturally in a league of their own at this exquisite Michelin double-starred restaurant, in the heart of the village in a luxurious, five-star hotel, Hostellerie de Plaisance. Tasting menus...

French in St-Émilion

L’Huîtres Pie

Talented young chefs Camille Brouillard and Soufiane Assarrar both previously worked with Michelin-starred chefs before opening their own restaurant, and it shows. Their gastronomic creative cuisine bursts with...

Music in St-Émilion

St-Émilion Jazz Festival

In July the soothing tones of jazz take over the town during this fabulous three-day jazz fest. Find ticketing information online.

Winery in St-Émilion

Cloître des Cordeliers

Within the ruined cloisters of a 14th-century Franciscan monastery, winery Les Cordeliers has made sparkling Crémant de Bordeaux wine in its ancient cellars for over a century. Twice-daily walking tours of the...

Cafe in St-Émilion

Comptoir des Arts

Nathalie only cooks up a couple of different tarts, samosas and other savoury dishes each day, but her homemade cooking oozes soul and seasonal products. Everything is served on retro floral crockery and casual...

Arts & Crafts in St-Émilion

La Cour des Arts

Local artists and artisans quietly showcase their arts and crafts in a handful of galleries in La Cour des Arts, a fountain-pierced courtyard studded with palm trees and ringed with a beautiful collection of...

Tower in St-Émilion

Clocher de l’Église Monolithe

For captivating views of the hilltop hamlet, borrow one of four keys from the tourist office to climb the 196 spiralling steps of this 68m-high bell tower, built to crown subterranean rock church Église Monolithe...

Music in St-Émilion

Grandes Heures de St-Émilion

Classical concerts are held at various châteaux between March and December and naturally include wine tasting. Tickets must be booked in advance; the program and ticketing information is online.

Castle in St-Émilion

Tour du Roy

Climb 118 steps inside this sturdy square tower – what's left of a 13th-century donjon – for a 360-degree panorama of the town, Dordogne River and its bucolic valley.

Food in St-Émilion

Macarons Nadia Fermingier

Nip into this 1930s boutique with red-and-white candy-striped awning and tiny kitchen out back to buy a box of St-Émilion's famous macarons (moist almond biscuits). Count €9/18 for 24/48 biscuits, packaged in a...

Church in St-Émilion

Église Collégiale

A domed Romanesque 12th-century nave dominates the former Collégiale, which also boasts an almost-square vaulted choir built between the 14th and 16th centuries. Its tranquil 12th- to 14th-century cloister is a...

Market in St-Émilion

Marché du Gout

A market selling regional products sets up in the cloister of the Église Collégiale for two days in mid-October.

City Gate in St-Émilion

Porte de la Cadène

Defensive city walls were built around St-Émilion by the English in the 13th century. Several surviving sections of the medieval walls and gates can be accessed from rue Guadet, including Porte de la Cadène.