Must see attractions in Tórshavn

  • F

    Føroya Fornminnissavn

    The excellent Føroya Fornminnissavn is split between two sites in the Hoyvík suburb, 3km north of centre. The main site at Brekkutún 6 beautifully…

  • L

    Listasavn Føroya

    Viðarlundin, a wonderfully wild park where trees and sculptures mingle, leads to the bright and airy Listasavn Føroya. Its excellent collection of Faroese…

  • N

    Nólsoy Island

    On Nólsoy Island, carless Nólsoy village isn't especially picturesque but makes a strikingly peaceful contrast to bustling Tórshavn, whose Tinganes…

  • T


    The city's tiny but charming historical core is Tinganes, a little peninsula delightfully jumbled with pretty turf-roofed cottages and historic red…

  • S

    Skansin Fort

    Beyond the desert of asphalt that surrounds the modern transport terminal lie the turf-softened bastions of the ruined Skansin Fort. It's topped by a…

  • S

    Storm Petrel Colony

    Around an hour's walk from Nólsoy village, a storm petrel colony is claimed to be the world's biggest. They're best observed at dusk. Guided bird tours…

  • N


    Moored in the harbour are two beautiful antique wooden sloops, Westward Ho and Norðlýsið . On summer Tuesdays and Thursdays the Norðlýsið offers fishing…

  • H


    The church Havnarkirkja has a distinctive clock tower that peeps above a photogenic row of colourful row of old wharf buildings (Undir Bryggjubakka).

  • N


    The child-friendly Náttúrugripasavn has an informative geological section, a minuscule botanical garden and a gigantic whale's skull.

  • F

    Focus Gallery

    Intimate private galleries, including Focus, are great places to peruse and potentially purchase Faroese art.

  • L


    Lydersen is a private gallery where you can admire (and potentially purchase) Faroese art.

  • G


    Glarsmiðjan is a private gallery good for perusing and purchasing Faroese art.