Must see nightlife in East Anglia

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    Old Cannon

    In this microbrewery, gleaming mash tuns (vats in which malt is mashed) sit alongside the funky bar – try the feisty Gunner's Daughter (ABV 5.5%) or St…

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    Cambridge Brew House

    Pick a pint from the array on offer here and there’s a fair chance it’ll have been brewed in the gleaming vats beside the bar. Add a buzzy vibe, eclectic…

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    Formica tables, chilled tunes, cupcakes and cocktails make this beatnik drinking den a one-of-a-kind delight. Book for a Bums life-drawing session (yes,…

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    Cambridge's most famous pub has loosened the tongues and pickled the grey cells of many an illustrious academic, among them Nobel Prize–winning scientists…

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    Tiny benches and tables, a ceiling smothered in international banknotes and a suspended pufferfish: it's amazing what they've squeezed into this thimble…

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    If the exterior of this picturesque waterside pub, overhanging a pretty mill pond, looks strangely familiar, it could be because it is the darling of many…

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    Hidden Rooms

    A cocktail bar for aficionados of the craft. At Hidden Rooms (if you can find it), booths and table service add an edge of exclusivity, while twice…

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    Adam & Eve

    Norwich's oldest-surviving pub has been slaking thirst since 1249, when the cathedral builders used to drop by. Tiny, with a sunken floor and part…

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    A dozen pumps dispensing real ale, 50 gins, a roomy beer garden and a friendly, unreconstructed vibe make this red-brick pub popular with the locals. That…

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    Hip hop, dancehall, R&B, techno, funk, indie, house and garage; top-name DJs and club nights – you'll find it all at Cambridge's most popular club, the…

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    Lola Lo

    Bringing a South Pacific vibe to the centre of Cambridge, Lola Lo specialises in cocktails and themed nights, featuring house, chart, commercial dance,…