Must see shopping in Larnaka

  • A
    Top Choice
    Academic & General

    Probably the best bookshop on the island. This friendly shop has a huge range of both English- and Greek-language titles, ranging from best-selling novels…

  • F
    Flamma Art Gallery

    The unique, colourful and quirky pieces here are the work of local ceramic artist Stravros Stavrou, whose creativity has a slightly whimsical edge. Truly…

  • E
    Emira Pottery

    Delicately patterned plates and traditional Cypriot cooking pots are some of the many pieces on offer. You can even try your hand at your own creation.

  • S
    Studio Ceramics

    The pottery here is inspired by ancient and medieval Cypriot art. The Pierides Archaeological Foundation museum replicas are a standout.

  • M
    Municipal Market

    This central market is great for self-caterers, with plenty of stalls piled high with fresh fruit and seasonal vegetables.

  • H
    Handworks Handmade

    Just 50m from Agios Lazaros towards the sea is this eclectic store featuring myriad pendants, stones, anklets, rings and necklaces, made from everything…

  • F
    Fotinis Pottery

    Beautiful everyday bowls and plates embellished with pomegranates, a pagan symbol of fertility.