Must-see hotels in Puerto de la Cruz

  • Hotel Tigaiga

    Puerto de la Cruz

    This pleasant choice has excellent, bright and colourful rooms complemented by very good service, beautiful gardens, an inviting pool and plenty of…

  • Hotel Monopol

    Puerto de la Cruz

    This old dame of a hotel, built in 1742, has a tall, covered central courtyard so full of lush verdant foliage, vines and sunlight that it’s like being…

  • Hotel Sun Holidays

    Puerto de la Cruz

    Despite its unfortunate name, this 24-room hotel is not a tour-company resort, but a small and modern-enough four-floor option in the attractive La…

  • Hotel Botánico

    Puerto de la Cruz

    Hotel Botánico is one of the most famous hotels in these parts, with beautiful gardens and a great pool area. The Botánico's spa centre offers wellness…

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