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    Phare the Cambodian Circus

    Cambodia's answer to Cirque du Soleil, Phare the Cambodian Circus is so much more than a conventional circus, with an emphasis on performance art and a subtle yet striking social message behind each production. Cambodia's leading circus, theatre and performing-arts organisation, Phare Ponleu Selpak opened its big top for nightly shows in 2013, and the results are unique, must-see entertainment.

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    Sacred Dancers of Angkor

    There are countless apsara dance shows around Siem Reap, but only the Sacred Dancers of Angkor can claim royal patronage from HRH Princess Norodom Bopha Devi, one of the most accomplished classical dancers in the kingdom. The mesmerising performance takes place in the garden of the Nginn Karet Foundation, which supports the dancers' extensive training.

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    Bambu Stage

    Bambu Stage offers an eclectic variety of traditional entertainment, including a nightly shadow puppet show that weaves a historical tale of the Cambodian civil war. Other shows include Temples Decoded (Tuesday) and Snap (Friday), a history of Cambodian photography. The venue also hosts Cambodia Living Arts' all-female drum performance, The Call, on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 8pm.

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    Angkor Dynasty

    Move over Macau (and Las Vegas): the Angkor Dynasty show has come to town. This is an epic multimedia performance that tells the story of Angkor through dance, song and acrobatics, involving tens if not hundreds of Cambodian and Chinese performers. With Chinese choreographers, it is not classical Khmer dance by any means, but it is entertainment.

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    NPA Explosive Detection Dogs

    Norwegian People's Aid (NPA) has been training sniffer dogs to assist in landmine clearance in Cambodia and not had a single casualty to date. See these Belgian Malinois thoroughbreds in action as they go through the paces of an assault course for daily exercise and sniff out buried TNT. Some congratulatory petting is allowed at the show's end.

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    New Cambodian Artists

    This small contemporary-dance theatre is set in a black box on the east side of the river and has been making a name for itself thanks to the innovative fusion of contemporary dance and classical Apsara dance created by the three young all-female performers. One show a week for now, but look out for updates on the Facebook page.

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    Apsara Theatre

    The setting for this Cambodian classical-dance show is a striking wooden pavilion finished in the style of a wat. The price includes dinner. It tends to be packed to the rafters with tour groups.

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    Rosana Broadway

    Bringing a bit of Bangkok-style Broadway to Siem Reap, this show includes cultural dances from the region and a not-so-cultural ladyboy cabaret. It was closed for renovation during our last visit in 2019.

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    Temple Club

    Temple Club stages a free traditional-dance show upstairs nightly, providing punters order some food and drink from the very reasonably priced menu.

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    Smile of Angkor

    Popular with some Asian tour groups, this is the glitziest dinner-dance show in town, but in reality it doesn't live up to the hefty price tag.