Must-see shopping in Sarajevo

  • Kazandžijska Radnja Huseinović

    Although coppersmiths shops fill the alleys of Baščaršija (especially Kazandžiluk), much is now imported or machine-made; only a handful are officially…

  • Bezistan

    Built in 1543 as part of Gazi Husrev-beg's bequest, this 109m-long vaulted stone-and-brick bazaar wouldn't be out of place in Istanbul – although the lost…

  • Isfahan Gallery

    Specialising in high-quality Persian and Afghani rugs (with certificates of authenticity), along with glass lamps and richly glazed ceramic work, this…

  • BuyBook

    This excellent bookshop has a good selection of relevant works on the Balkans, including English-language fiction, nonfiction and guidebooks.

  • Sarajevo City Center

    It's hard not to notice this large 2014 mall designed like a partly crumpled sheet of blue paper, with ceilings like white honeycomb. The interior isn't…

  • Atelje Galerija Budo

    Ever wanted to have a photo or logo rendered into embossed copper? Probably not, but that is a service that Budo Kulauzović can perform for you with a…

  • Pijaca Markale

    This huddle of vegetable stalls is unassuming but it's historically important: in 1994 and again in 1995 it suffered infamous Bosnian Serb mortar attacks,…

  • Limar-Bravar

    Mostly an ungentrified metal workshop, this curious place also sells a small selection of coffee grinders and candlesticks. While the staff don't speak…

  • Butik Badem

    This appealing little old-town shop sells various luscious varieties of lokum (Turkish delight), nuts, spices and tempting snack foods by weight.

  • Shon Phon

    This imaginative outfit turns oddments and waste into tasteful sculptures and offbeat accessories such as bracelets loaded with screw-nuts.

  • Honey Land

    This tiny shop sells local honeys with various natural flavour variants based on the environments where the bees were buzzing.

  • Gradska Trznica

    For local cheese, eggs, sweets and flowers head to this grandly over-engineered 1895 meat-market hall.