Lonely Planet Writer

World Tourism Day: just another excuse to travel

27 September is the United Nations' World Tourism Day and places around the world are marking this year's theme of 'Linking Cultures'. In Jaipur, historical monuments have been illuminated while in Rwanda, the government is using the day to encourage domestic travel with the message, 'tourism, it begins with YOU'.

At the Lonely Planet office, we're reflecting on the differences that the last year has made to travel: the birth of a new country; the knowledge that the biggest threat to your holiday is a volcano in Iceland; the speed at which technology is changing the way we travel.

Still, in travel some things stay the same. The importance of linking cultures through travel has always been at the heart of Lonely Planet's belief system. Sure, we travel for many reasons, but getting to know other cultures - and bringing that understanding home with us - is perhaps the most important reason of all. To mark World Tourism Day, we thought the best thing we could do was point you in the direction of some travel inspiration. To that end, here are five of our favourite features from Lonely Planet's new 1000 Ultimate Sights with 50 travel ideas to get you on your way:

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