Must-see restaurants in Belgium

  • Le Loup Gourmand

    The Ardennes

    This restaurant's interior is probably Stavelot's most stylish, with gigantic lampshades illuminating deep purple walls, and there's a good selection of…

  • Le Deauville


    Wilfully old-fashioned, this place refuses to believe that Charleroi has fallen on hard times, though the blend of '20s, '70s and modern décor is curious…

  • Empire Shopping Centre


    This soulless 1970s mall keeps the diamond trade in equipment and repairs but also feeds the workers every lunchtime from a number of unpretentious…

  • Henri


    A cheerful tavern-style restaurant, crammed with local diners. For an authentic Mons dish go for côtes de porc à l'berdouille (pork in brown sauce).

  • Panos


    This branch of Belgium's most popular bakery chain has plenty of seating and is good for when you just need a snack in a hurry.

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