Barbados in detail

Money and Costs

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than B$300

  • Budget guesthouse room: B$80–120
  • Fish cutter: B$12
  • Beer in a local bar: B$4
  • Bus ride: B$2

Midrange: B$300–600

  • Double room in a hotel: B$200–400
  • Short taxi ride: B$30
  • Dinner in a local restaurant: B$50–65
  • Admission to museums: B$20

Top End: More than B$600

  • Room at a comfortable resort from: B$400
  • Car hire: B$140
  • Meal at a high-end restaurant: B$80–100
  • Yacht excursion: B$180


Haggling over prices is not common in Barbados. The only place it is really acceptable is at souvenir stands and markets.


You’ll certainly want some Barbadian dollars on hand, but larger payments can be made in US dollars, frequently with a major credit card. Hotels and guesthouses quote rates in US dollars (as do many dive shops and some restaurants), although you can use either US or Bajan currency to settle the account.

Exchange Rates

The exchange rate is fixed at B$2 to US$1.

Eastern CaribbeanEC$1B$0.74
New ZealandNZ$B$1.42


A tip of 10% to 15% is standard in restaurants (often added to the bill), and 10% in hotels (usually added to the bill). A 10% tip is the norm in taxis.


Barbadian dollar (B$)