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The road through the canyon is busy, as this is the main artery linking Armenia with Georgia. Tourist facilities include the excellent Tufenkian hotel and restaurant in Dzoraget and a scattering of B&Bs in the villages. Ramshackle roadside khoravats stands are almost the only eating options outside the B&Bs, but in summer fresh fruits, including delectable berries, are sold by the side of the main road.

The canyon is best explored by car. Those using public transport should be able to travel between Alaverdi and most of the villages by marshrutka, but services vary in frequency and rarely operate on Sundays. Sanahin is easily reached by cable car from Alaverdi, and there are regular marshrutky to Haghpat and Odzun. There is one marshrutka per day to Akhtala, and one or two buses travel between Dsegh and Vanadzor most days. Hitchhikers should have no problem sourcing lifts on the main highway, but lifts on village roads are few and far between.

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