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$200 Cultural & Theme Tours

2 days M'banza congo City Tour

The tour begins in Luanda, from where we leave, we pass the province of Bengo, where, depending on the weather and conditions, we stop for breakfast, then we follow the commune of Nza Evua (translation New Elephant), there will be our first stop, for lunch, we take advantage of and, if possible, meet and talk with the commune soba to tell us the history of the region and still know the people of that locality, visit the Grotto of Nlombo, an incredible space, the forces, because of the climbs and still the difficult exercise inside the grotto. However, before entering the cave we will enjoy a small ritual, obligatory, made by Soba, who on his tongue, will speak with the ancestors to allow us to enter and wish that everything goes well. "It is worth remembering that if it is possible to take some materials for donation the commune will be very good"Arrival in the city of M'banza Congo, scheduled around 6:00 pm if we leave on Saturday and 12 noon if we leave on Friday. Then we will sleep in the hotel of the city, the Hotel Estrela do Congo.The next day we will continue our tour of the city of Mbanza Congo with a visit of the historical heritage, guided by local guide, where we can hear the history of the Kongo Kingdom tradition, first kingdom in contact with the Portuguese navigators, where the first church was built Catholic Church in Southern Africa.A few meters from the museum is the "Sunguilo", where they washed the bodies of the dead kings and the "Mpinda a Tadi", place where the bodies were embalmedThe Cathedral of Kulumbimbi (first Catholic church) also found a Baptist church, and the tomb of Mrs. Mpolo (mother of the King buried alive for having disobeyed the king's orders that prohibited the use of traditional treatments, to show the people that it did not make any difference , condemned his own mother) and Tadi bukikua day (first palace of the King of Kongo)On the way back we will visit the waterfall and our last stop is in the municipality of Nzetu, where we enjoy lunch and get to know the beach.Arrival in Luanda is scheduled for 19/20 Sunday

$37 Cultural & Theme Tours

Luanda City tour

The tour starts at the iron palace, the only one in Luanda, after which we continue to the Coin Museum, monument of the former combatants, visit our Lady of Remedies, the Museum of Natural History. After that, we took a walk through the bay where we took the opportunity to refresh ourselves and talk to some of the Ingombota's residents, learn about their customs. Then we continue to the Fortress of São Miguel, and there we take advantage of the excellent view of the Bay, Chicala and also of the Island of Luanda, we still know the muselu Dr. António Agostinho Neto, we visited the Island of Luanda, a place of obligatory passage, we know the boat dock of Mussulo, we visit the new city of Luanda, "Talatona", we take advantage of it to visit Belas Shopping and if weather permits, due to the rains, we can also visit the Cazenga municipality and the districts of Rangel and Sambizanga. Luanda, after the visit to the city.

$30 Transfers & Ground Transport

Taxi in Luanda

We are located in Benfica-Luanda, we open our Travel Agency every day and we offer taxi service and rental 24 hours a day. The payment can be made in any currency, we will only make the conversion so that the price is always the most fair, this according to the exchange made in our banks. You can request our services for groups or individual. The reservation can be made before arriving in AngolaWe work with two types of cars, i20 or hb20 and hiace comuter. You can request the service to know the city of Luanda, the neighborhoods with low prices. In accordance with the requirements of our country, we equip the car with the maximum possible safety, as well as our technicians.

$45 Day Trips & Excursions

visit Mussulo Island

The Visit to Mussulo Island begins at 10 o'clock, towards the south of Luanda, we made a short visit to the handicraft plaza and the Museum of Slavery in order to create a historical tie with the history of the Catholic Church, Cazanga, which is located on the island of Mussulo. The boat transportation to our first stop, which is the island of the birds lasts about 30 minutes, then we follow the Island of Cazanga, we know and we hear the history of that Church that houses the slaves before leaving for Brazil and other countries. The ride is about 9 hours long and you can still take a bath on Mussulo Island if you wish....

$85 Kid Friendly

Kissama National Park Safari

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productStop At: Kissama National Park, Muxima, Bengo ProvinceQuiçama National park is located 70 km South of Luanda, taking about 2 hours to get from one point to the other. During the tour we visit Benfica Traditional handicraft market and the Museum of Slavery. We then continue our way passing by the Miradouro da Lua (Moon’s View Point) where we stay a few minutes to enjoy the view, we then carry on towards our main destination where we explore the fauna and flora, after having tasted the delights the Park has to offer during our lunch break. Duration: 4 hours

$175 Cultural & Theme Tours

Luanda Culture, Landmarks, and History Full-Day Tour

Itinerary from start to finish below:Fortress de São Miguel - The first fortress built in Luanda by the first governor in 1575. After the independence was conquered, it became the Museum of Armed Forces. Old planes, artillery, and others are on display. Marginal - The war that lasted until 2001 brought destruction to the population and the infrastructure of the country. It has been some time since the war ended, and traces of development can be seen at the Marginal. Tall buildings surround Marginal, bringing the hope of a new future here.Luanda Harbor- The late 1800s brought the need of a proper port in the capital city for the economic and industrial growth of the country. Besides the typical activities of a port, it also includes many of the oil companies.Iron Palace -This building is believed to have been designed and constructed in 1890 by Gustave Eiffel. There is no registration of its origin for certain, and the rumors revolve around ships having been lost at sea and ending up in Angolan territory. During the colonial years, it was an art center, after independence the palace fell into ruins and became a parking lot. Today, it is a must see in Luanda. Cidade Alta - The political heart of the country, it is White House of Angola surrounded by police and army forces who protect the area. Due to its high surveillance, beware of the signs and always ask if it is ok to use cameras. The buildings in the Cidade Alta indulge of a pink tone, and carry a charming personality of the rarely calm Luanda.Largo 1o de Maio - An important place in the city of Luanda as it is the place where the Republic of Angola was proclaimed. Some say there was a beautiful and anxious silence at the square in 1975 when the first words were being pronounced. Today, the Square is still a center of birth for Angola as protests, and wedding shoots.Largo das Heroínas - Here represents the presence of women in the fight for independence. Lucrécia Paim, Engrácia Santos, Irene Cohen, and Teresa Afonso die in 1969 for their beliefs and fought to the very last breath for the independence of Angola. They're a symbol of pride and inspiration for Angolan women who fight every day for an honest life.Mausoleum of Agostinho Neto - Here is the resting place of the first president of Angola. The 18 acre Mausoleum has a museum, expositions, multi-use rooms, gardens, and more.Please note that the order of the above is subject to change.

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