Rubin Museum of Art

West Village, Chelsea & Meatpacking District

The Rubin is the first museum in the Western world to dedicate itself to the art of the Himalayas and surrounding regions. Its impressive collection spans 1500 years to the present day, and includes Chinese embroidered textiles, Nepalese gilt-copper bodhisattvas, Pakistani stone sculptures and intricate Bhutanese paintings, as well as ritual objects and dance masks from various Tibetan regions. Fascinating rotating exhibitions have included Victorious Ones, comprising sculptures and paintings of the Jinas, the 24 founding teachers of Jainism.

Cafe Serai serves Himalayan-inspired foods and hosts 'Himalayan Happy Hour' on Wednesday night from 6pm to 9pm. Later in the week, Serai transforms into the K2 Lounge, where you can sip wine and martinis after visiting the collection on free Friday evenings.

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