Must see attractions in New Orleans

  • S
    Southeastern Architectural Archive

    Stop by for changing exhibits that highlight different aspects of architecture in the Gulf South, which stretches from Louisiana east to the Florida Keys.

  • L
    LeMieux Galleries

    Gulf Coast art is the emphasis in nationally recognized LeMieux Galleries, a good place to get a handle on the breadth of the regional arts scene.

  • T
    Tulane University

    The campus of Tulane, a premier Southern university, is an attractive tableau of live oaks, red-brick buildings and green quads spread across 110 acres…

  • C
    Confederate Memorial Hall Museum

    Tattered gray uniforms, rebel swords and faded diaries – this collection of Civil War memorabilia pays homage to the Confederacy and locals who fought for…

  • P
    Plessy v Ferguson Plaque

    This plaque marks the site where Homer Plessy, in a carefully orchestrated act of civil disobedience, tried to board a whites-only train car. That action…

  • N
    Ninth Ward Victory Arch

    Walk down Burgundy street in Bywater and, seemingly out of nowhere, an Arc de Triomphe–style monument stands next to a high school football field. Oddly…

  • G
    Gallier Hall

    Architect James Gallier Sr designed this Greek-Revival structure, dedicated in 1853. It served as New Orleans’ city hall until the 1950s and far…

  • P
    Preservation Resource Center

    If you're interested in the architecture of New Orleans or a self-guided walking tour, then start here. The welcoming Preservation Resource Center,…

  • H
    House of Broel

    Built in the 1850s, this historical home is a bit of a fun-house. The entire two-story building was elevated in 1884 – not for fear of floods, but so the…

  • N
    New Orleans Cotton Exchange

    For much of its history, the economy of New Orleans was built on cotton and slavery. The former industry was largely brokered out of this building, where…

  • V
    Voodoo Spiritual Temple

    Mexican crucifix? Check. Tibetan mandala? Ditto. Balinese Garuda? Why not? Miriam William’s voodoo temple is a mash-up of global religions, New Age…

  • O
    Our Lady of the Rosary Rectory

    Built around 1834 as the home of Evariste Blanc, Our Lady of the Rosary Rectory exhibits a combination of styles characteristic of the region. The high…

  • L
    Lee Circle

    This traffic circle was called Place du Tivoli until it was renamed to honor Confederate General Robert E Lee after the Civil War. In 2017, after many…

  • S
    Scrap House

    Built entirely out of found and recycled material, this eye-catching sculpture by artist Sally Heller honors the victims of Hurricane Katrina. A ruined…

  • R

    It’s supremely pleasant to stroll up to the Mississippi River as it runs by the Quarter. The entire riverfront area has been landscaped with pedestrian…

  • N
    New Orleans Jazz National Historic Park

    The headquarters of the Jazz National Historic Park has educational music programs on most days. Many rangers are musicians and knowledgeable lecturers,…

  • M
    McKenna Museum of African American Art

    Although the displayed work at this beautiful two-story institution comes from all over the African diaspora, most of it was created by local New Orleans…

  • F
    Fair Grounds Race Course

    Laid out in 1852, this is the third-oldest racetrack in the nation. During the Civil War, you could catch bear fights here. Today, besides horse races,…

  • A
    Alcee Fortier Park

    This pretty park, strung up with lights and lanterns and decked out with funky furniture, sits across the road from one of the most attractive stretches…

  • S
    St Vincent’s Infant Asylum

    This large red-brick orphanage was built in 1864 with assistance from federal troops occupying the city. It helped relieve the overcrowded orphanages…