Fisgas de Ermelo

Top choice waterfall in Parque Natural do Alvão

Just north of the town of Ermelo, on the N304 between Vila Real and Mondim de Basto, is a turn-off to the dramatic Fisgas de Ermelo waterfalls. From this junction, the road climbs 4km to an overlook with picture-perfect views of the falls and the rugged terrain surrounding them.

To see the falls from above, return to the main road and climb to a T-junction with a right-hand turn marked 'Varzigueto'. Follow the Varzigueto road a short distance and look for a pair of dirt roads on the right-hand side marked 'Piocas de Cima'. The first, signposted as ‘1.5km’ is less rugged and more easily driven than the second, marked ‘600m’. Either entrance will eventually lead you to a footpath continuing down into the river gorge, where you’ll find not only hair-raising views of the river plunging off a cliff face, but also (further up) a natural water slide and a series of pools perfect for cooling off on a hot day.