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This is your chance to buy a piece of the Eiffel Tower’s staircase

If keychains and magnets aren’t enough of an Eiffel Tower souvenir for you, how about a piece of the Tower itself? If you’ve always wanted to possess a small bit of one of the world’s most famous monument, then this is your chance – a section of the original staircase is going to be auctioned off very soon.

What better souvenir of the Eiffel Tower than the Tower itself? Photo by Yoann Jezequel Photography/Getty Images

The section is made of 25 steps and is around four metres high, and was part of the original staircase that connected the Tower’s second and third floor. Lifts were installed in 1983, making the helix staircase in architect Gustave Eiffel’s design obsolete.

The staircase section up for sale is 4 metres high. Photo by Chesnot/Getty Images

That staircase was chopped off in 24 different sections. One is still displayed at the Eiffel Tower, while three of them can be found in museums, namely the Musée d’Orsay and the Cité des sciences (both in Paris) and the Musée de l’Histoire du Fer (in Nancy). The remaining twenty pieces were sold off to private collectors around the world, and it’s from one of those collections that this new section has been acquired.

French auction house Artcurial is going to sell the staircase piece in Paris, on 27 November next. The price is going to start from €40,000, but a look into Artcurial’s history gives more hints as to what the final price will be. It will not be the first time the auction house sells a piece of the Eiffel Tower’s staircase – it sold one before in 2013 for the final price of €220,000, and another in 2016 for €523,000.

The Eiffel Tower was built for the Universal Exposition of 1889. Photo by Fred Concha/Getty Images

Do you think the final price for this piece will be higher than that? If you’d like to keep up with the results of the auction, you can check out Artcurial’s official website here.