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This mirrored hotel in Uruguay that blends into the landscape

An incredible new hotel and winery in Uruguay has been designed to disappear into its rugged surroundings. Designed by MAPA Architects, thanks to the hotel’s mirrored façade, the Sacromonte Landscape Hotel blends effortlessly into the background.

MAPA architects are a Brazilian and Uruguayan studio. Image by MAPA Architects/Leonardo Finotti ©

The gorgeous hideaway in Maldonado is between a 250-acre stretch of Sierra between Punta del Este, José Ignacio and Pueblo Garzón. The hotel comprises of 13 hotel cabins, a winery and farm-to-table restaurant.

The surroundings make it a breathtaking experience. Image by MAPA Architects/Leonardo Finotti ©

Taking cues from its natural surroundings, MAPA has designed modular prefab cabins that use simple steel frames set atop stone bases built using stone bases all using local materials. The cabins were assembled in Montevideo before being transported 200km to their new home.

A magical experience. Image by MAPA Architects/Leonardo Finotti ©

The smoked-glass reflects the country’s landscape, shielding inhabitants from view while the rear of the cabins encapsulates a logged cabin look.

The hotel boasts incredible views. Image by MAPA Architects/Leonardo Finotti ©
sacromonte shelter
The interior is cool and contemporary. Image by MAPA Architects/Leonardo Finotti ©

“In this idyllic landscape, young vineyards adapted to the unique characteristics of its soil, interact with a hill from which the entire spot may be observed, with its lush grasslands, natural spring water reservoirs and several streams that run through the valley densely surrounded by pristine vegetation,” says MAPA.

Nearby, Sacromonte’s farm-to-fork restaurant will showcase local foods, wines and barbequed meats including lamb, veal and wild boar.

The cabins offer a unique experience. Image by MAPA Architects/Leonardo Finotti ©

Cabins at this luxurious experience cost $700 per night with guests being able to embrace the views from their beds. Each cabin has a private deck and circular pool. Its interiors are decked in dark stone floors and contemporary furniture.

“The façade is composed of a one-way mirror, covering the cabin with an almost magical effect, creating a tense limit between both the camouflage and the rhythm of nature and the unreal sheen of technology and modern times,” they say.