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This is why you should think twice before posting those holiday photos on Instagram

When you’re on a particularly great vacation, it’s only natural to want to share your experienceor make your friends jealous – by posting pics on Instagram. But, oversharing holiday snaps on social media can lead to problems, an issue that has been raised once again after the recent robbery of actor Hilary Duff’s home.

A woman takes a selfie in Udine, Italy.
Posting those holiday selfies can be dangerous. Image by Westend61/Getty Images

Duff was recently on holidays in Canada, posting a number of pictures of her and her son enjoying a lovely vacation. But while she was away, the 29-year-old’s home in Beverly Hills was reportedly broken into and her jewellery was stolen. Us Weekly reported that her vacation photos and videos may have let thieves know that her home was empty before the robbery occurred. A number of other celebrities have been robbed recently while they were out of town. Perhaps most famously, Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in a hotel in Paris in October. At that time, authorities said she may have been targeted due to her social media posts showing expensive jewellery.

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As more people use social media, the possibility of a vacation robbery is something travellers should be aware of. American insurance company Allstate has collected advice on its website for travellers, urging them to think twice before sharing pictures on social media while they are away.

If you still want to post, the insurance company advises users to check their privacy settings and make sure their posts are only seen by friends, and remember that a “public” setting generally means it can be seen by anyone – including someone who may want to break in. Users are also urged to limit how other people tag them in posts, limit any vacation-related info to just friends in your network, and be careful if you plan on “checking in” on GPS-based apps publicly.

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Naturally, that doesn’t mean you have to stop talking glamourous vacation selfies, it just mean you should consider waiting until you’re home to post them.