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Butters the pygmy goat is the full-of-beans star of a coffee shop in Austin, Texas

An adorable pygmy goat has become the official mascot of a coffee shop in Austin, Texas, and customers are flocking to visit him. Butters the lively five-month-old goat pops in for a couple of hours daily to the Civil Goat Coffee Co., much to the delight of its patrons.

Butters the goat is the mascot of the Civil Goat Coffee Co.
Butters the goat is the mascot of the Civil Goat Coffee Co. Image by Civil Goat Coffee Co.

Owner Chris O’Brien had already chosen the name for the coffee shop and was planning to get a dog, but that all changed when he discovered some pygmy goats for sale. Speaking on TV channel KVUE, Chris said that Butters is very quirky and lively and, like most goats, will try to eat anything. He was named after a South Park character and wears clothes and a diaper in the coffee shop.

Butters is very friendly and Chris says that he’s the main attraction for people visiting the Civil Goat Coffee Co. The coffee comes second and staff third, he joked. He became involved in self-roasting in 2010 and offered roasted beans and cold brew through farmers’ markets, and then opened his own shop and roastery in late 2016. His coffee beans are sourced from around the world, from countries like Ethiopia, Rwanda and Brazil.

Butters has been pretty much raised as a dog by his owners, and has become such a star, he has his own Instagram page. If you want to see him in person, the coffee shop is situated between West Lake Hills and Bee Cave. The goat can typically be found around the shop from noon to two on any given day, except Mondays as the shop is closed.

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