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Sweet dreams are made of this cookie dough cafe opening in New York

Visitors to New York City now have one more stop to add to their travel list, as a cafe specifically dedicated to cookie dough is opening.

One meal restaurants are all the rage right now, with pop-ups focusing their culinary efforts on single things like cereal or toast. But the idea to dedicate this cafe to cookie dough could be the best yet – especially considering that all their creations are safe to eat (unlike when you overindulge in your homemade batter pre-baking).

The cafe comes courtesy of DŌ Cookie Dough Confections, which already makes cookie dough that you can eat completely unbaked. This is their first brick and mortar store.

The store’s menu looks pretty spectacular. You can satisfy your sweet tooth with a pure pot of cookie dough (no judgment), or add ice cream, make it into an ice cream sandwich, indulge in a cookie dough milkshake or try some of their baked goods.

In a world of green juices, kale and detoxes, many people will just happy that there is a cookie dough cafe out there to enjoy. 

DO’s shop is opening in Greenwich Village on January 25, so make sure you’re Instagram-ready.

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