Lonely Planet Writer

This new Spotify music map is the perfect soundtrack to your travels

For some, long journeys can only be made bearable with a fresh stash of music to listen to. Whether it’s twelve-hour bus journeys through South America or an overnight train ride through India, we all remember our perfect holiday soundtracks. Now Spotify has made it even easier to create new audio memories with an interactive map exploring the sounds of the world’s cities.

The map is updated weekly to reflect the changing tastes and trends of some of the biggest cities in the world. The selections are drawn from the listening data of users there and compiled to create a playlist distinctive to the city this week, i.e. the tracks that are being played disproportionately here compared to other places.

You can also explore the music map by countries as well, where you’ll find distinctive, emerging and popular music for that country. Bookmark it to return to and you’ll never be stuck for finding new musical inspiration ever again.

Even if you’re just in the daydreaming stage, you’ll get some fascinating insights into places from the comfort of your own home. At the time of writing, Reykjavík is obsessing over Icelandic Christmas music, while Perth is playing groovy dance tunes to perfectly complement their sunshine. Give it a go and find a new travel soundtrack.