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Find the cheapest beer in Paris with this new metro map

If you ever need a break from riding the Paris Metro, why not consult this new map showing the cheapest places to hop off and grab a beer?

The Paris Metro map designed for the cheapest beer.
The Paris Metro map designed for the cheapest beer. Image by MisterGoodBeer

The map, created by MisterGoodBeer, shows the cheapest pint within reach of each Metro station. Beer lovers can find the name of the pub and directions to it on the interactive version of the map. The map clearly plots out the cheapest and most expensive areas of Paris to grab a pint. Central Paris comes out surprisingly budget-conscious, with prices as low as €3. However, near the Eiffel Tower and the nearby Ecole Militaire station, prices surge to €6 before dropping further down on the metro line. Meanwhile in the affluent suburb of Boulogne-Billancourt, €6 is once again the cheapest you’ll pay for a beer. If a downright bargain is more your style, hop off at Segur where you can enjoy your beer at a very wallet friendly €2.60.

The map will help you find some of the cheapest beer in Paris.
They look like they’re enjoying a bargain beer! Image by Alexandra Iakovleva

MisterGoodBeer was established in 2012 in an effort to help Parisians find a decent pint of beer at a good price, which can be a challenge with some bars charging up to €8 for a drink. Beer lovers can use it online or via a free app and the prices are updated in real-time to reflect happy hour deals. For the lost traveller, it will even suggest the best route to get there. France is a prime market for budget solutions for beer lovers as it was recently revealed as the second most expensive country in the world for domestic beer and third most expensive for imported beer, behind Singapore and Austria.

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