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Couples now spending less on weddings, to spend more on travel

New research shows weddings are increasingly taking a backseat to travel when it comes to millennials’ wishlists.

Wedding budgets are being cut in favour of travelling.
Younger people are increasingly cutting their wedding budget in favour of travelling. Image by David Cleveland

The latest research suggests 36% of millennials (people aged approximately from 18-35) would lower their wedding budget if it meant they could travel the world. Diamonds are also increasingly losing favour as a ‘girl’s best friend’ as one in five young women would choose a smaller engagement ring in favour of increasing their travelling budget.

The research polled a representative sample of 1080 American millennials and found that it’s not only weddings that are being put on the backseat. One in six millennials would rather take a trip with a group of friends than travelling only with a significant other.

Many millennials are choosing to travel with friends instead of partners.
Many millennials are choosing to travel with friends instead of partners. Image by Westend61/Getty Images

The study, which was conducted by Topdeck Travel and YouGov, also revealed the reason behind travellers’ preference to holiday with friends instead of partners; one in eight find it easier to travel with friends instead of romantic partners. However, romantic attachments aren’t totally out of mind for younger travellers;  one in eleven millennials are hoping to find their significant other on the road. Friendship, however, still comes out tops with one in ten hoping to make life long friends when on vacation and 9% feeling more connected to those friends compared to people from home.

“It can be challenging for millennials and young professionals to organise not only their time off but also their friends when planning a vacation”, said Sarah Clark, Global General Manager for Topdeck Travel. “Because of this, we’re seeing an increase in travellers who want to travel solo but not alone. We bring together like-minded individuals from all over who want to meet new friends and share their travel experience with each other.”

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