Kiwi Birdlife Park


These 2 hectares are home to 10,000 native plants, geckos, skinks, tuatara (an endemic reptile) and scores of birds, including kiwi, kea (alpine parrots), kārearea (NZ falcons), kākāriki (parakeets) and the endangered whio (blue ducks). Stroll around the aviaries, watch the conservation show and tiptoe quietly into the darkened kiwi houses. Kiwi feedings take place five times a day.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

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1. Skyline Gondola

0.05 MILES

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2. Time Tripper

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Located in the old underwater observatory beneath the main pier, this 30-minute experience promises a journey back in time, explaining Lake Wakatipu's…

3. St Peter's on Church St

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5. Lake Wakatipu

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7. St Patrick's Catholic Church

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8. Lakes District Museum & Gallery

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