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Niger River trip with visit to Segoukoro, Kalabougou and a fishing village

HighlightsSegoukoro historical village visitKalabougou pottery village visitFishing village visitLunch on the boatEnjoy sunset on the riverRelax and experienceWhy Our Insiders Chose This TourThe best way to combine three highlights - Segoukoro, Kalabougou and the River Niger - and to unwind from your travel experiences in the meantime. What you can expectMeet your guide and the boat crew at the Ségou river quai for a day on the river.Set foot ashore in Segoukoro historical village for a guided village visit after a pleasant 1.5 hour river trip. The capital of the former Bambara Kingdom – as described in Maryse Condé’s books Ségou – offers lots to see, including four mosques, the tomb of the first Bambara King. Traditionally the visit start with meeting the village chief to pay the taxes. The village chief is happy to answer your questions and will open the rebuilt vestibule for you.Get back on board for the boat trip to Kalabougou pottery village. Lunch is served during the tripThe next stop is made at Kalabougou pottery village, situated on a branch of the River Niger. Guided visit to the village and to several family compounds, where the potters make all kinds of pottery from traditional water jugs to modern vases. During the weekend pots are being baked in huge fires. On Mondays most potters can be found at Ségou’s weekly market to sell their products.Another pleasant boat trip leads to a fishing village for an impression of everyday life of the Bozo people. Both nomadic settlements and permanent Bozo villages can be seen in the Ségou surroundings, depending on the time of year.The early morning and late afternoon offer excellent opportunities to spot some of Mali’s beautiful feathered inhabitants, including the Yacana, Kingfishers and Herons.Enjoy the sunset on the way back to Ségou. Arrival at the river quai is expected in the late afternoon.

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