Must see attractions in Luang Prabang

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    Wat Pa Huak

    When ascending Phu Si from the northern side, stop at Wat Pa Huak, one of the oldest wooden wat in the city. The gilded, carved front doors are usually…

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    Tham Sakkalin

    Ask at the Wat Longkhun ticket desk for the key required to visit Tham Sakkalin, a humid, slippery 100m-long limestone cave. It's a three-minute walk…

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    Wat Chomphet

    Ban Xieng Maen's long, narrow, brick-edged 'street' slowly degrades into a rough track, eventually becoming little more than a rocky footpath. At about…

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    Wat Pakkhan

    Dated 1737 but rebuilt a century ago, Wat Pakkhan has a simple, appealingly archaic look with angled support struts holding up the lower of its two…

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    That Makmo

    This lumpy hemispherical stupa is commonly nicknamed That Makmo, which translates as 'Watermelon Stupa'. Originally constructed in 1514, it was pillaged…

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    Wat Pa Phon Phao

    An easy 3km walk or bicycle ride northeast of town is Wat Pa Phon Phao, a forest meditation wat famous for the teachings of the late abbot Ajahn Saisamut…

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    That Chomsi

    One of the most visited sacred sites in Luang Prabang is located at the top of Phu Si. Built in 1804, by night the the 24m gilded stupa gleams like a…

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    Wat Pha Mahathat

    Wat Pha Mahathat is named for a venerable Lanna-style stupa erected in 1548. The 1910 sǐm (ordination hall) in front has carved wooden windows and portico…

  • U
    Unesco Offices

    This vital office advises on how new developments must adhere to strict architectural guidelines in order to maintain the historical authenticity of the…

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    Wat Phabaht

    The modern Vietnamese–Lao temple of Wat Phabaht is fronted by a distinctive, if kitschy, array of spires. Behind is a shady Mekong-fronting terrace from…

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    Wat Choumkhong

    The garden around the little Wat Choumkhong is particularly attractive when its poinsettia trees blush red. Built in 1843, the monastery takes its name…

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    Wat Souvannakhili

    The most prominent building of Wat Souvannakhili looks more like a colonial-era mansion than a monastery, but the small sǐm (ordination hall) is a classic…

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    Wat Thammothayalan

    This monastery close to That Chomsi features a number of gold Buddhas nestled into rocky clefts and niches.

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    Wat Xiengleck

    Riverside Wat Xienleck has an Angkorian-style brick stupa that looks like it's about to fall over.

  • B
    Buddha Footprint

    This mysterious footprint close to Phu Si is one of many scattered around Southeast Asia, and is said to be that of the Buddha after he reached…

  • R
    Royal Palace Car Collection

    The five-piece Royal Palace Car Collection includes two 1960s Lincoln Continentals, a rare wing-edged 1958 Edsel Citation and a dilapidated Citroën DS…