Best hotels and hostels in Chalus & Noshahr

  • Lodging in Chalus & Noshahr

    Chalus Tourism Complex

    Don't let the bland title put you off. These fully self-contained cabins (some oddly football shaped) in forest parkland 5km south of Chalus make a pleasant change from the chaotic coast. Surrounded by trees and running water, the cabins have cooking facilities and come in various configurations. Breakfast is included, and there are cheap dining places nearby.

  • Lodging in Chalus & Noshahr

    Hotel Malek

    The comfortable rooms here have good-sized double beds and bathrooms, and there's a decent restaurant (open noon to 3.30pm and 8pm to 11pm) and coffee shop (with real espresso!) on site. There are also four- and five-bed rooms to suit families and bigger groups. It's at the far end of the Chalus traffic snarl, 2.5km from Mo'allem Sq.

  • Lodging in Chalus & Noshahr

    Kourosh Hotel

    At the Kourosh, clean, pine-fringed rooms come with comfy beds and Western bathrooms, though the blinged-up corridors are old-school Vegas. There’s a courtyard cafe, a trendy coffee shop, a fitness room, a sauna and a small pool.