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A hugely venerated pilgrimage place through the ages, on holy days as many as 30,000 people would stream into the valley to seek favours from the miraculous statue of the Virgin housed within. Henry Plantagenet (1133–89), King of England and Count of Anjou, was miraculously cured here. Always an important financial and symbolic spot, Rocamadour suffered during the Wars of Religion, when everything was razed. Fortunately, the icon and one bell survived, and they remain today in the rebuilt sanctuaries, which are still an active pilgrimage point.

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Half Day Tour of Rocamadour from Sarlat

Depart for the pilgrimage and fortress village of Rocamadour that has attracted visitors for its setting in a gorge above a tributary of the River Dordogne. Here, follow your guide and visit the renowned Notre Dame Chapel, part of an extraordinary 13th-century chapel complex perched on a cliff and one of the most dramatic pilgrimage sites in Europe. Enjoy some free time for personal discovery and return to Sarlat.

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La Forêt des Singes Admission Ticket

Visit: La Foret des Singes, Rocamadour, Lot, Occitanie‘La Forêt des Singes’ is home to 150 Barbary macaques (also known as Magots). Step inside the reserve and enjoy privileged insight into this fascinating animal society living in conditions similar to the wild. Learn all about the monkeys’ social life as you stroll in their midst. FREEDOM!The beauty of the setting aside, you will immediately be struck by the well-being of the animals. And how could it be otherwise? After all, at ‘La Forêt des Singes’ the animals are king. Vast areas are provided to ensure the monkeys’ peace and quiet. Their diet is well balanced, they are safe from predators and can roam freely.‘LA FORÊT DES SINGES’, A RESEARCH CENTER.Scientists have been studying the social behaviour of the highly evolved Barbary macaque since 1974.Our guides will be happy to share the results of these studies with you and provide you with first hand information.COMMITTED TO CONSERVING THE SPECIES ‘La Forêt des Singes’ is actively involved in the preservation of the Barbary macaque, a threatened species, by: • raising public awareness about the threats to the species • reintroducing entire groups to their original habitats • sponsoring Barbary macaque conservation associations and conducting ethological research A EUROPEAN VENTURE ‘La Forêt des Singes’ opened in Rocamadour in 1974. Together with the following 3 parks it forms a group sharing the same concept: • La Montagne des Singes (France) founded in 1969, • Affenberg Salem (Germany) ) founded in 1976, • Trentham Monkey Forest (England) founded in 2005.