Drinking and nightlife

Top ChoiceTeahouse in Clermont-Ferrand

Les Goûters de Justine

The twinkly-eyed proprietress, presiding over her table of homemade cakes, is largely what makes this teahouse one of the most beloved spots in Clermont's old town. Arches of volcanic stone and a jumble of...

Teahouse in Clermont-Ferrand

La BerGamothée

If you think tea tastes better in a homely living room with a sprinkling of feminist activism (and a heartfelt canine welcome), then La BerGamothée might be your jam. The vibe's casual but tea is taken seriously...

Coffee in Clermont-Ferrand

Australian Coffee House

We know, you're travelling à la française, but this Aussie-inspired coffee place pours the best brews in Clermont-Ferrand (from €2.80). The crowd's a mix of laptop-huggers, lunching office workers and artistic...

Club in Clermont-Ferrand

101 Club

This club near place de Jaude is hallowed ground for Clermont music fans: it was a new-wave and alt-rock haunt in the '80s, became a rock club in the '90s, and today hosts electro nights with funk, synth and...

Bar in Clermont-Ferrand

Café Pascal

Ostensibly Irish with a soundtrack of rock ‘n' roll and folk, this cafe-bar manages to be all things: a coffee joint where you can catch a sports match, a casual brasserie, and, come evening, the busiest haunt on...

Bar in Clermont-Ferrand

Le Comptoir Viking

While there are no longboats or horned helmets, this wood-walled rock bar is one of the friendliest in town, with an energising heavy-metal soundtrack.

Wine Bar in Clermont-Ferrand

Le Bar d'O

The wine connoisseur's choice. Bar d'O has an ambient soundtrack that, with each subsequent glass of Côtes du Ventoux, will lull you into a pleasant daze.