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If you travel along the Dalmatian coast by bus, you're sure to spend at least some time in Senj, as it's a popular coffee or burek halt.

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Plitvice Lakes Private Day Trip from Rijeka

Your guide/driver will pick you up at desired place and drive toward NP Plitvice lakes. You can expect approximately 3 hours of pleasant drive. You will have one stop on the way to Plitvice (in Senj) for coffee break. In Senj you can visit Nehaj fortress, built in 1558 on the Nehaj hill upon Senj town (optional - entrance fee is not included)Upon our arrival, start exploring the national park. Pick one, or maybe a couple of park routes, walk along the trails and stroll across the rustic wooden bridges, enjoy the stunning beauty of the 'Land of the Falling Lakes'.Referred to as the 'Land of the Falling Lakes' Plitvice Lakes National park is precisely that. Over thousands of years, surface and subterranean rivers have carved paths for themselves through the limestone, only to be halted by natural travertine dams, resulting in the formation of sixteen lakes all pooling into one another, creating one of nature’s greatest masterpieces. Aside from the grandeur of its cascading waterfalls, the national park’s lush forest is home to many endemic species, including the European brown bear, wolf, lynx, and numerous rare bird species.Plitvice Lakes is not all about the natural beauties, you can also discover a rich cultural and historical heritage like the traditionally crafted mills and sawmills driven by the power of water, which are gradually being restored and presented to visitors.

$161.19 Day Trips & Excursions

Two days tour to National Park Plitvice Lakes from Dubrovnik

Plitvice Lakes are the most beautiful Croatian National Park. They are located in central Croatia, Lika - Senj county, about 430 km away from Dubrovnik. The irresistible beauty of lakes and waterfalls will leave you breathless. This National Park was added to the UNESCO World Heritage register. In the park there are 16 lakes, 12 upper and 4 lower, connected by beautiful waterfalls. The highest waterfall is the Large Waterfall at the end of the lower lakes. We are sure that you will enjoy walking along the park paths, the sound of the river and waterfalls, the beautiful forest and everything else that this park offers. This tour lasts for two days, and does not include accommodation, but we can help you find the right accommodation on your request if you haven't been able to do it yourself. One-day ticket prices in the national park depend on the part of the year and time of your visit, and ranging from 150.00 to 250.00 Croatian kuna for the adults, 80.00 to 110.00 kuna for the for children from 7 to 18 years, and for children up to 7 years are free. On our way back to Dubrovnik, we will stop in Trogir where you will be able to visit this beautiful town on the Adriatic coast.