Must see entertainment in Ghent

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    A visionary architectural premonition of art deco, the 1912 Vooruit building is a prominent venue for dance, rock concerts, film and visiting theatre…

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    De Bijloke Muziekcentrum

    You'll find a wonderful selection of classical music concerts (some outdoors) at this repurposed historical site that was once an abbey and then a…

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    Ropes, horse harnesses and the sayings of Rumi on the walls give this very inexpensive café a slightly cheesy atmosphere, but the free traditional Turkish…

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    NT Gent Schouwburg

    Home to Ghent’s premier theatre company. It also offers interesting ‘open rehearsals’ and workshops, but naturally almost everything’s in Dutch. Its cafe…

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    This local institution has been a pub since the 18th century and a jazz club of sorts for more than 30 years. There are regular live performances across…

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    De Centrale

    Multicultural centre offering a range of world music concerts and dance performances (flamenco, Turkish, North African, Asian).

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    De Vlaamse Opera

    Ghent’s 1840 opera hall boasts horseshoe-shaped tiered balconies and elegant salons.

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    Historical central concert hall for anything from classical music to Latin and blues.

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    Hot Club Gent

    Hidden down the tiny alley behind ’t Dreupelkot jenever (gin) bar, this is a great place to seek out live acoustic music. Be it jazz, gypsy, blues or…

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    Café Trefpunt

    On Monday evenings, when most other places close, Trefpunt has jam sessions or live concerts. Standards tend to be high as performers want to impress the…

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    At perennial favourite Charlatan you might find live music in virtually any genre (from 10pm), sometimes with a cover charge. It generally opens long…

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    Flanders Expo

    Though primarily used for trade fairs, Flanders Expo also hosts occasional big-name rock concerts. It’s at the southern terminus for tram 1, 4km beyond…