Must-see entertainment in Bruges

  • Concertgebouw


    Bruges’ stunning 21st-century concert hall is the work of architects Paul Robbrecht and Hilde Daem. It takes its design cues from the city’s three famous…

  • Cactus Muziekcentrum


    Though small, this is the city’s top venue for contemporary and world music, hosting both live bands and international DJs. It also organises festivals…

  • Koninklijke Stadsschouwburg


    Cultuurcentrum Brugge coordinates theatrical and concert events at several venues, including this majestic 1869 theatre. Opera, classical concerts,…

  • Retsin’s Lucifernum


    A former Masonic lodge owned by a self-proclaimed vampire. Ring the bell on a Sunday night, pass the voodoo temple and hope you’re invited inside, where…

  • Cultuurcentrum Brugge


    This cultural group organises theatre productions, events and concerts and coordinates performances at the Koninklijke Stadsschouwburg and Magdalenazaal…

  • Cinema Lumière


    Just a couple of blocks back from the Markt, this art-house cinema screens a well-chosen program of foreign films in their original languages.

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