Welcome to Funafuti Atoll & Fongafale Islet

The best thing about a visit to Fongafale is simply winding down to match the slow-paced island way of life. Take a stroll around town or hop on a bike or motorcycle to explore the islet from top to toe. There are also a handful of WWII relics here.

Funafuti Conservation Area, a half-hour motorboat ride west across the lagoon, is an amazing underwater world. Book a boat trip through the town council, which might include some time on one or two of the islets and perhaps some snorkelling.

To the south, Funafala Islet is a gorgeous little isle lined with talcum-powder beaches with basic accommodation right by the water.

Top experiences in Funafuti Atoll & Fongafale Islet

Funafuti Atoll & Fongafale Islet in detail