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Fancy the challenge of travelling around Europe without cash, cards or phones?

If you’re an adventurous university student, you might be interested in a a competition that will see student teams travelling across Europe using Red Bull energy drinks as their only currency.

Participants have fun during the 2016 Red Bull Can You Make It? in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland . Image: Armin Walcher/Red Bull Content Pool

Red Bull Can You Make It? challenges teams of three students on the adventure of a lifetime, and will take place from 10 to 17 April 2018. 200 teams will be chosen from 60 countries around the world, and each team will be flown to one of four starting points in Europe – Budapest, Madrid, Rome and Stockholm. The students will hand over their cash, credit cards and personal phone in exchange for 24 cans of Red Bull and a smartphone equipped with unlimited data. The teams will have one week to make it to Amsterdam, covering more than 1000 miles and exchanging cans of Red Bull for everything they need on the journey.

Team Feel Alive, winners of the 2016 Red Bull Can You Make It? in Paris, France. Image: Teddy Morellec/Red Bull Content Pool

Along the way, students will create their own path by visiting checkpoints in various European cities to complete challenges on an adventure list, while posting photos and videos, and receiving support from their followers back home to build an overall score. A daily social highlight programme will follow the stories throughout the week, and judging will be based on three factors: checkpoint challenges, social following and completing tasks on the adventure list. It’s not about the first team to the destination – it’s the adventures along the way that matter.

Red Bull Can You Make It event 2016 in Cairns, Australia. Image: Dylan Carr/ Red Bull Content Pool

A fifth starting point will take place in Manchester, featuring international student teams from outside the UK, with checkpoint challenges in Nottingham, Cardiff, Milton Keynes and London. In the last Red Bull Can You Make It? competition back in 2016, 165 teams managed to live the experiences of their dreams, from jumping out of a plane to getting tickets to a Champions League Game.

Participants look at the map before the start of the 2016 Red Bull Can You Make It? in Florence, Italy . Image: Armin Walcher/Red Bull Content Pool

The application period is now open and concludes on 14 February 2018. Visit here for all the details.