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Travel to the future in China's huge new virtual-reality theme park

A huge virtual-reality theme park is set to open in southern China. East Science Valley has been under construction in Guiyang, the capital city of Guizhou province in the south-central part of the country.

The construction site of the virtual-reality theme park, East Valley of Science and Fantasy. Image by ImagineChina

Billed as a ‘science fiction theme park’, East Science Valley will utilise virtual-reality technology to immerse visitors in science and fantasy experiences. These will include science-based experiences, such as as a virtual tour of the solar system, to full on sci-fi rides like exploring an ‘alien base’, a sci-fi-themed roller coaster and journeying on a fictional space ship.

The virtual-reality theme park, projected by the animation unit of Oriental Times Media Corporation in Guiyang city.

Visitors will be given helmets, virtual-reality headsets and other technology to help them interact with the park’s various environmentsThe first phase of the park will open by December 2017, with further sections of the park opening in stages throughout 2018. In addition to the virtual reality experiences, East Science Valley will feature futuristic dining halls, shops and a hotel.

Once fully open, tickets for the park and hotel reservations will be bookable on the park’s website.