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Discover how your favourite Instagram pics can help plan your Scottish trip

Scrolling through Instagram is a sure-fire way to get you dreaming about your next vacation, but to turn that inspiration into an actual trip, a new travel agency in Scotland will plan your perfect vacation based on Instagrams you love.

Want to see a Highland cow on your trip to Scotland? Just like it on Instagram and this travel agency will help you get there. Image by James Morris photography/Getty Images

The #ScotSpirit Instagram Travel Agency in London is capitalising all those gorgeous travel pics to create personalised Scottish itineraries based on other traveller’s Instagrams.

Run by Visit Scotland tourism group, prospective visitors enter the agency, where they see a massive wall-sized screen displaying Instagram posts from around Scotland. The potential traveller then picks the photos they love and the travel agents create an itinerary that will help get them there.

This type of trip planning makes sense – 61% of all Instagram users say they use it to help plan their travels. About 96% also say the site fuels their daydreams about exciting locations, according to a Facebook study. But with millions of travel-related hashtags, there can be an overwhelming amount of content, followed by the research that needs to be done to actually get there.

VisitScotland has today opened the first ever Instagram Travel Agency: allowing visitors to build their own holidays to Scotland based entirely around other people’s Instagram photos.
Visitors can choose their favourite hashtag ‘#ScotSpirit’ Instagram images and a bespoke holiday itinerary will be created for them. Image by VisitScotland

That’s where the Instagram travel agency comes in. After selecting all your favourite Instagram pics of Scotland’s sights, restaurants, experiences, hotels and more from the wall, the staff crafts an itinerary around your preference and schedule. From there, you can take your itinerary and book a trip on your own time. Visitors who have an itinerary created for them also have a chance to win a trip to Scotland and there will be a VR experience so guests can check out Scottish destinations and landmarks to help them decide where to go in person.

But if you want to get help planning your Instagram-inspired holiday, you better hurry – the #ScotSpirit Instagram Travel Agency is only open until 21 October. Thankfully, it’s free to enter and no appointment is necessary. It can be found in London’s Fitzrovia at 89 Charlotte Street.