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An elusive street artist is leaving whimsical pieces around New York

There isn’t a whole lot known about street artist Tom Bob, but he is certainly making his mark on New York City and beyond. He transforms boring everyday fixtures like pipes and manhole covers into fantastic artistic creations that are brightening up the more mundane aspects of the city.

Street artist Tom Bob is leaving whimsical pieces around NYC.
Street artist Tom Bob is leaving whimsical pieces around NYC. Image by tombobnyc

Tom builds his works of art around one nondescript element, so a pipe becomes an elephant’s trunk, poles become “Ringo Starr’s” drumsticks, and a manhole cover becomes a frying pan. His whimsical designs feature colourful cartoon characters or objects and are brilliantly and cleverly executed.

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In the manner of great street artists like Banksy, Tom Bob’s works are public but the artist himself is quite elusive and low-key. He doesn’t have a website, there are no contact details on his Instagram, and he doesn’t appear to court publicity or give interviews.

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However, he poked his head slightly above the parapet in June when he provided a commissioned art piece for the Governors Ball Mural Project. This is a collaborative art project in which street artists team up to create large-scale works that go on display at the music festival.

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Check out some of Tom Bob’s artworks on his Instagram. And if you’re in New York, watch out for the likes of sewers, pipes, cement blocks and fuse boxes that have been transformed by his talented hands.