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Sweden lists the entire country on Airbnb in major tourism drive

Finding the perfect Airbnb listing is not always easy, with factors such as location, price, and available amenities all proving to be important elements when deciding. This week, a brand new listing that promises features such as 100 million acres of land, unlimited beds, wild pets, and 100 thousand tempered infinity pools has been garnering serious attention on the site. It’s the entire country of Sweden.

Vasta-Gotaland, a fishing village on the Weather Islands, seven miles off Bohuslan coast.
Vasta-Gotaland, a fishing village on the Weather Islands, seven miles off Bohuslan coast. Image by Matt Munro/Lonely Planet

The unusual move is actually part of a new tourism campaign launched by VisitSweden, which aims to raise awareness of the country’s “freedom to roam” policy, a Swedish constitutional right that allows anyone living in or visiting Sweden to move freely in nature, walking, sleeping and enjoying recreational activities on any land or in any area, with the exception of private gardens and nature reserves.

Skuleskogen National Park in Sweden as part of the Airbnb listing
Skuleskogen National Park in included in the listing. Image by Hugo Campos / CC BY 2.0

The customised site is identical to Airbnb, but instead of houses it features listings such as, “Rustic Forest Retreat in Vintage Style” in Båtstadknallen, Värmland. The listing details are included, stating that it has an open plan room, check-in in availability whenever, bathroom anywhere, and amenities that include real air conditioning and natural heating from May to August, with availability 365 days a year.

The autumnal woods of Ängelholm in Sweden.
The autumnal woods of Ängelholm in Sweden. Image by Guillaume Baviere / CC BY 2.0

Other listings include a “Rocky Island in the Modern Scandinavian Style” in Vendelsöarna, Halland, a “Beach with Large Limestone Columns (Raukar) in Holmhällar, Gotland and “Rugged Cliffs Shaped by the Ice Sheet” in Sandön, Bohuslän.

The limestone columns of Holmhällar, Gotland at sunset.
The limestone columns of Holmhällar, Gotland at sunset. Image by Susanne Nilsson / CC BY 2.0

“Many global travellers are seeking more and more authentic experiences beyond the beaten path, we believe that Sweden is a perfect destination. We don’t have iconic monuments like the Big Ben, Time Square or the great wall of China, we have something else such as “Allemansrätten”, or the Freedom to Roam, which grants all people access to our beautiful and unique nature. As we Swedes are literally brought up in the Swedish nature, we want to invite all others to experience what we treasure highly,” Jenny Kaiser, President of Visit Sweden USA told Lonely Planet Travel News.

The campaign includes a clever video featuring shots that showcase the bountiful beauty of Sweden as a voiceover talks about the country as if it were a property listing. Of a picturesque cliff edge overlooking the sea, it says, “This is my terrace, custom designed with panoramic floor to ceiling views in every direction,”.

More information on the campaign is available at the Sweden with Airbnb website.