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This Bangkok hotel is opening 'the world’s highest whisky bar'

If you’ve already sampled whisky in the highlands of Scotland, or visited Paris’ whisky-filled underground vault, you can now travel to the latest attraction in Thailand at the “the world’s highest whisky bar”.

The bar claims to be the highest whiskey bar in the world. world's highest whisky bar
The bar claims to be the highest whiskey bar in the world. Image by Alfresco 64

Lebua at State Tower, a hotel in Bangkok, has announced the opening of its new bar, which will be located 800 feet in the air on the 64th floor of the building. Alfresco 64 – A Chivas Bar, is described as the highest outdoor whisky bar in the world, “offering connoisseurs and luxury jet-setters the ultimate whisky drinking experience”.

The new bar is a partnership between Lebua Hotels & Resorts and Chivas Regal, a Scotch whisky produced by Chivas Brothers. They have even created a special blend that will only be available at the Alfresco 64, and is the first time that Chivas Regal has blended an exclusive whisky for one partner.


Colin Scott, the custodian master blender at Chivas Regal, said in a video for the project that the blend is “a unique bottling of some of our oldest and rarest whiskies that were distilled in 1985 or earlier, and individually hand-selected”.

The bar will take travellers out onto an incredible patio overlooking Bangkok, where they can sip away at fine whiskies and enjoy the view.

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