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Tourists warned to keep their clothes on in two of Croatia’s most popular destinations

Croatia is famous for its tempting, sparkling seas and sandy coves but now two of the biggest tourist towns are issuing a stern warning; keep your swimwear at the beach where it belongs.

Tourists will have to keep their swimwear confined to the beach
Tourists will have to keep their swimwear confined to the beach Image by Johner Images

In the past week, both Dubrovnik and Split have issued bylaws that allow fines for anyone walking around the towns wearing swimwear or walking around shirtless. Tourists and locals could be fined 1000 kuna (approximately €133) for being “in a swim suit or without their clothes or part of their clothes”.

The historic town of Dubrovnik issued the law last week while the coastal tourist spot of Split followed their example this week. Signs warning about the illegality of taking a wander in only your bathing suit have already appeared in both towns.

Bačvice beach, Split.
Bačvice beach, Split. Image by DamirB/Getty Images/Flickr Open

Dubrovnik’s tourism industry has skyrocketed in recent years but not without incident. Locals regularly snapped tourists exploring the medieval streets in inappropriate dress. Dubrovnik’s Vice Mayor explained that “the old centre is a form of museum, in such a way that it is unacceptable for tourists to walk on the Stradun dressed incorrectly.”

In June, two fully nude male tourists were snapped in Dubrovnik’s town centre, which may have prompted the towns officially taking action.

Split’s Deputy Mayor told local media that anybody caught breaching the dress code will get a warning first before facing the fine.

Dubrovnik and Croatia are not the only tourist hotspots to take anti-nudity measures in recent years. Barcelona also issues fines for partially or fully nude people, while Cambodia’s Angkor Wat temple complex has also had to introduce similar measures.