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Who are the big winners in the latest airline rankings?

Virgin Atlantic, City Jet and EasyJet are the biggest winners in new airline rankings that rate carriers on flight delays, quality of service, and how they deal with customer complaints and claims. Qatar Airways however, remains top of the pile and is still the world’s best airline with a score of 8.7 out of ten in the latest survey by AirHelp.

Qatar has come out tops yet again.
Qatar has come out tops yet again. Image by Ronnie Macdonald / CC BY 2.0

Ten new airlines have also been added to the global rankings including UK charter airline Thomas Cook, Russian carrier Aeroflot and Cathay Pacific. Of the new airlines in the list, Singapore instantly jumped up to second in the rankings at 8.6 and was given a ten out of ten for quality and service.

Marius Fermi, Marketing Manager of AirHelp, said: “Our score uses a database that aggregates multiple data points from a variety of reliable sources such as government agencies, airport databanks, flight-tracking vendors, historical resources, commercial data brokers and so on.

“We are therefore able to maintain an accurate, real-time picture of flight disruptions occurring across the globe, the circumstances surrounding these disruptions and the likelihood of further disruptions occurring.”

In the latest rankings, there were some dramatic changes with three airlines all adding at least one full point to their score out of ten. Virgin Atlantic jumped to 7.5, City Jet up to 7.4 and Easyjet up to 7.0. Sata in Portugal was also up by a significant 0.9 but from a low base and now scores 4.2, while Austrian Airlines was a major mover and up to fifth in the rankings at 8.2.

Airlines which will be hoping to improve after slipping back in the rankings were Emirates who dropped 1.6 points to 6.4 and Turkish Airlines, which fell from 7.3 to 6.3.

In all, ten airlines scored above 8, which should guarantee an excellent level of service for would-be passengers.

The Top Ten:

1 – Qatar Airways

2 – Singapore Airlines

3 – KLM

4 – Lufthansa

5 – Austrian Airlines

6 – Air Canada

7 – Air Baltic

8 – Cathay Pacific Airways

9 – British Airways

10 – Air France