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National Museum of Denmark identifies ancient rune stone discovered in farmhouse

Experts from the National Museum of Denmark  have confirmed that a rune stone which went missing 250 years ago has been rediscovered in the country.

Ancient rune stone unearthed in Danish farmhouse. Image by Adrian Zacharski

Researchers at Museum Thy were contacted by a man in northern Denmark, who thought the stone in his yard may be of historical significance and, when the team of archaeologists and runologists from both museums visited the man’s house – which was built on a former farm – they realised that the cryptic stone was part of the Ybdy stone, which was last seen in 1767. Following the initial discovery, the experts then found two other pieces of the stone. The pieces of the ancient Viking artefact will be put on display at Heltborg Museum until after Easter, when they will be moved to the National Museum in Copenhagen.

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