Making the most of the Dolomites © Nancy Besharah

This month’s round-up of the best blogs by our family travel Pathfinders takes us from rural Italy to India and Ho Chi Minh City, before taking us on an ice-cream cruise (yes, really!) in Seattle and finally ending up on one blogger’s first family camping trip.

Best rural places to visit in Italy with kids – Nancy Besharah

Nancy shared her top urban places to visit in Italy this time last year, so we’ve been eagerly waiting for its rural counterpart. With sections on the seashore, the Italian Lakes and the Dolomites, some lovely photography and fun accommodation suggestions, this post keep things simple and easy to follow – and will soon have you planning a family getaway.

With a focus on luxury, Nancy blogs on authentic and inspired family travel at

Ho Chi Minh City with kids – Jessica Palmer

Any post that starts with the writer indicating that they enjoyed a place more than they were expecting to piques our interest and Jess goes on to give many excellent reasons why HCMC is a fun and interesting place to explore with kids. This post is also a chance to introduce your family to the delights of ‘monkey bread’. We’re saying no more…

Jessica believes travelling with kids opens their hearts and minds, teaching them tolerance. Follow her blog at

Is the Taj Mahal right for families? Jenny Lynn will fill you in ©Adrian Pope/Getty Images

Things to do in India with kids – Jenny Lynn

If India is still on your travel bucket list but you worry about how family-friendly it will be and whether you’re adventurous enough to try it with your children, Jenny’s summary of the top 10 things to do with kids will convince you. It’s a list made from personal experience and geared very squarely at families, just the kind of advice we like.

Jason and Jenny love to travel and believe that having young children shouldn’t change that. Follow their adventures at

Seattle ice-cream cruise – Marcie Cheung

We can’t help it, anything with ice cream in the title automatically draws our attention, as the cool creamy stuff has so often been a life-saver on trips with kids. And this post on Seattle, with its practical details and focus on sharing the best tips for families, confirms that making ice cream the focus of an expedition is a recipe for success.

Marcie blogs at where she shares tips and tricks from her travels with her two boys.

First family camping trip – Liana Moore

There’s no shortage of articles on practical tips for camping with kids so we enjoyed this post for being focussed on the bigger picture instead. With several incidents in the trip report which give you pause for thought (how would you react?), the lessons Liana’s family share will remind you why you love camping (or maybe why you don’t!).

Liana blogs with her daughter at where they cover travel from the perspective of both parent and child.